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May 13th, 2020

Orla – a fierce competitor

Name: Orla Morgan
Age: The Over 30s group

1. When did you make your senior debut? 2002 – I was only 12 😏

2. Favourite position? Wing half forward

3. Favourite pitch?
Always liked playing in Castlewellan

4. Childhood hero? Mo Mac – Mairin McAleenan, Liatroim

5. What’s your most favourite game you’ve been involved in?
First Senior Championship Final win 2007

6. And a game to forget?
All Ireland Semi final v Piltown. Bad day all round. But I think the experience of that year stood by us to go all the way last year.

7. Biggest achievement in Camogie. Intermediate All Ireland Club Championship. On a personal note – Ulster Senior Player of the Year!

8. You can transfer in one player from across the country, who?
Briege Corkery – pure machine, suppose she is a Stone Mason for a living so she is bound to be pretty strong alright.

9. And transfer one out? Fionnuala Carr. Ach she just takes up too much space. Both on and off the field.

10. Who is the best trainer in the squad?
Nicola O’Hagan – bump and all 🙂

11. Who is the worst trainer in the squad?
Paula O’Hagan
She is a lazy lump 😳

12. Favourite manager you’ve played under?
John Crossey

13. Who is the manager’s pet? Too many to mention – especially come championship time.

14. Club volunteer of note? My husband Anthony Morgan, fondly known as Fanthony Moregames.
He takes his role way too seriously – Like only for social distancing I think he’d be away into the Abbey looking for the ball they lost at start of January. Again!!! But can I just say I’ll wash the jerseys this year no bother 🤪

15. Best thing about Clonduff? The lifelong friends you meet through being involved with the club. There’s always a good bit of banter no matter whether it’s a big breakfast or the boat over to Portaferry on a cold wintery evening.

16. How would you like to be remembered in the club?
A dedicated club person on and off the field with a passion for Camogie. The founder of WDW and Boley Fair Poc Fada legend 🤪

17. If you could give one piece of advice to the youth, what would it be?
Make the most of your playing years…. Championships are not handed out. Make it count 💛Also check in on your teammates every now and again 💛

18. You have an All Ireland medal. Just how does that make you feel when you are reminded of it?
Sometimes it still seems surreal but I am extremely proud to have been a part of the wonderful team it was. It really was a dream come true 💛

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