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CHARLIE’S CHOICE – SEAN DOWNEY (Senior Hurling Captain)

May 13th, 2020

Sean as Captain of Down Junior Hurling Championship Winning team in 2018 with the Fr Mooney Cup

Name: Sean Downey
Age: 25

1. When did you make your senior debut? 2010/2011 didn’t get playing in Championship winning team 2010

2. Favourite position?
Centre half back or anywhere but full back.

3. Favourite pitch?
Pairc Esler

4. Childhood hero?
Tommy Walsh

5. What’s your most favourite game you’ve been involved in?
2018 Championship Final – it’ll never be topped.

6. And a game to forget?
Ulster semi-final vs Castleblayney.

7. Biggest achievement in hurling?
Playing for the county was up there but being captain of the team to win 2018 championship has to be the best.

8. You can transfer in one player from across the country, who?
Patrick Horgan

9. And transfer one out?
Decky Hudson (nothing to do with your socks decky👀)

10. Who is the best trainer in the squad?
Liam McParlan – does the bronco in under 4 mins!
On a serious note: John Murphy, Chrissy Hynes, Chris O’Hare.

11. Who is the worst trainer in the squad?
Jamie Lowry loves running that’s all i’ll say. 😜

12. Favourite manager you’ve played under?
Mickey Johnson / Decky (The pie) Napier.

13. Who is the manager’s pet?
Liam McParlan or Danny Nugent.

14. Club volunteer of note?
PJ McGreevy – keeps the place in top condition. Damian Farnon is always about too even if it’s fixing the generator or lawnmowers.

15. Best thing about Clonduff?
The friends you meet through playing for the club. And playing with great team mates who all back each other to the end.

16. How would you like to be remembered in the club?
A dedicated Hurler who always gave his all.

17. If you could give one piece of advice to the youth, what would it be?
Work on the basics and the speed will come in time. Always give your all in every drill in training and take that same 100% attitude into every game – Championships don’t come easy.

18. Dylan reckons he’s the hardest, Darragh reckons he’s the hardest, but who is between the two?
Has to be Dylan, he has been throwing Darragh about for years now.

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