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Clonduff Manual

CLONDUFF SAFE RETURN TO PITCH POLICY 2020 Safe Return to Gaelic Games Mk2 – 12th June 2020
Club Constitution 2019 Adult Over 16 Membership Form Clonduff GAC 2020
10-Year Plan 2012-2022 Juv U16 Membership Form Clonduff GAC 2020
Clonduff Integration Statement
Clonduff Safeguarding Statement 2020 Valuing Volunteers Policy
Clonduff Safeguarding Info 2020 Volunteer Recruitment Officer Role 
Clonduff Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults Policy Clonduff Recruitment Policy
Bullying Guidelines 2018 Senior players code of conduct
GAA Guidelines for Dealing
with Allegations of Abuse
Children & Parent’ Code of Conduct
GAA_Designated_Person_Information Code of Expectations for Parents
Club and County Children’s Officer Juvenile Mentors’ Code of Conduct
Clonduff Health & Safety Policy Clonduff Non-Playing/Supporters’ Code of Conduct
Event Safety Management Guide GAA Disciplinary Handbook
GAA Critical Incident Response Plan Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure
Clonduff Data Protection Policy
GAA Social Media Guidelines 2019 edition Coaching and Games Development in Clonduff
Clonduff GAA Club Organisational Structure Clonduff Club Coaching Structures
Key Officer Roles & Responsibilities Club-Coaching & Facilities Audit 2018
Other Club Officer Roles Clonduff Equality Policy
Sub Committee Remits Clonduff Inclusion Statement
Clonduff Administrators Code of Practice Games for All Policy in Clonduff
Clonduff’s Conflict of Interest policy Disability & Special Needs Policy
Clonduff Anti Corruption Policy
Clonduff Pre-AGM and Term Limits Clonduff Health & Wellness Policy
Clonduff GAA Mental Health Charter
GAA Official Guide Part 1 Clonduff Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Policy
GAA Official Guide Part 2 Clonduff Smoke Free Policy
Clonduff Gambling Policy 2020
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2010
Clonduff’s  Secretary’s Report 2011 Gambling Awareness – National Training Presentation
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2012 Preventing a Heart Attack
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2013 Cardiac Screening
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2014 Kids Health Booklet
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2015 Healthy Hearts Healthy Life Info Booklet
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2016
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2017 GAA Irish Terms
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2018
Clonduff Secretary’s Report 2019 Clonduff 4th Club Maith Platinum Award

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