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May 13th, 2020

Ursula accepting the Ulster Junior Championship Cup in 2014 – Clonduff’s first onfield Ulster title

Charlie’s Choice – Ursula Kearney
Clonduff Senior Camogie Player

Name: Ursula Kearney
Age: Really??? 39

1. When did you make your senior debut? Back when ground Camogie was the rage… 1996

2. Favourite position? Served my time in defence, mid field and the forward line. Favourite would be corner back… Til some young thing comes along that loves running.

3. Favourite pitch? Lots of great memories from Castlewellan.

4. Childhood hero? Mo Mac or Jane Adams.

5. What’s your most favourite game you’ve been involved in? First Championship win in 2007. Was an unbelievable feeling to finally make the break through.

6. And a game to forget? This year’s semi final is up there but have never been in a changing room like our All Ireland semi final defeat to Piltown in 2015….those words “5min from Croke Park” still haunt me.

7. Biggest achievement in camogie?
Lifting that Ulster Championship in 2014 was pretty special and a huge honour too.

8. You can transfer in one player from across the country, who? I admire Niamh Kilkenny from Galway… A machine in the middle of the field.

9. And transfer one out? How long have you got…

10. Who is the best trainer in the squad? Apart from myself you mean?

11. Who is the worst trainer in the squad? Anyone that participated in a “Boley Fair Monday” training. Horrific

12. Favourite manager you’ve played under? Have enjoyed and learnt something different from each manager I’ve played under. The stories from John Crossey are up there though.

13. Who is the managers pet? Definitely Cara Boden.

14. Club volunteer of note? Our hard working Camogie committee. Special (and biased) mention for mummy. With her been involved for so long we were raised on “Camogie Dinners.”

15. Best thing about Clonduff? I know it’s a cliche but it’s the friendships that have been made. Couldn’t pick a better bunch of girls.

16. How would you like to be remembered in the club?
Someone that gave something back to the club.

17. If you could give one piece of advice to the youth, what would it be? Never take the good times for granted. Work and train hard to always better yourself.

Thanks Ursula! 😊

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