🕯Candle lit Prayer vigil for Ollie🕯

Readers (l-r) Damian Fearon, Marie Grant, Anita Brannigan, Ross Carr, Mary Grant

On Monday 2nd January, the Clonduff community came together for a Candle lit prayer vigil for juvenile player Ollie Farrell.

A beautiful prayer service took place on the top pitch under lights. Readers included Mary Grant (Ollie’s Grandma), Ross Carr (Club Chair), Damian Fearon (Ollie’s coach), Marie Grant (Family Friend) and Fr Charlie. The vigil was organised by Club Secretary Anita Brannigan.

(l-r) Jimmie Cousins, Canon Brown, Mary Byrne, Kathleen Cousins, Fr Charlie Byrne, Mary Grant, Ross Carr

After the prayer service Ollie’s Granny Mary thanked Clonduff GAC for all their support, particularly with the Boxing Day Dip and tonight’s Candle lit Prayer service. Mary thanked everyone for attending and for all the generosity and support that has been shown to Ollie and his family in recent weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who attended tonight, and special thanks to Patrick Mackin for providing the sound system.
Ollie’s surgery took place on Tuesday 3rd January at 5am our time, and lasted approx. 8 hours. Within 24 hours Ollie had taken a few steps on his way back to playing for his ‘Beloved Yellas’.
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